About Port City Makerspace



Port City Makerspace is the community workshop space for the seacoast area in New Hampshire. We provide the tools and space for you to build whatever you can dream up.

Makerspace members get access to the tools and discounts on classes and can rent project storage space to store personal tools and materials.

We have comprehensive shop space in a variety of focused areas such as woodworking, metalworking, bicycles, crafting, and electronics. Having a workspace with right tools to pursue a wide variety of projects makes Port City Makerspace’s community dynamic and diverse. We empower people to learn the proper use of the right tool for their specific project and to take those skills with them for their next project. 

Do you want to use the space but worry that you don't have the know-how to operate the tools you need? Come take a class and learn safe operation from an expert!

Our woodworking shop opens up a world of possibilities for making projects come to life

Our Bike shop has the tools and space to keep you rolling along

Our Metalworking space includes fabrication and machining equipment to build it out of metal

Our cleanspace has a 3d printer and an electronics workstation

In Portsmouth New Hampshire there are all types of people. There is a thriving artist community and a strong workforce of trades people. There are young people living in apartments and established local families living on their land, there are fishermen and farmers, lawyers and architects, young and old, rich and poor. Port City Makerspace provides a valuable service to everybody in the seacoast by connecting people through the shared tools that they use for their respective craft.

Port City Makerspace (PCM) is a membership based workshop space with the tools to make things big and small. PCM brings together the local community of hobbyists, artists, craftsmen, aspiring inventors, and do it yourself types from homemaking to light industry to gather and share tools and knowledge in an environment that is friendly and inclusive.

Some tools don’t make sense to own, others take up too much space. Often, when trying to complete a project, you don’t know the exact tool you'll need for the job until you need it right away. Sometimes you don’t realize how easy a project can be until you have the tools in hand. By creating a space based around the collective need for tools in our lives we are creating a space useful to everybody.

Do you already own some tools? Port City Makerspace can rent you space to work with your tools and have side by side access to ours, or you can lease your tools to us for all of our members to use. You decide which tools you want to share with the space and what is for your use only. Tool leases will be paid in membership benefits so by contributing your tools to the space you will save yourself some money while making the space better for everybody!