Featured Member: Paul

Paul st Pierre is stronger and smarter than you. A master machinist who bridges the generational gap between the old fashion technical mastery of analog and the complex technicalities of Computer controlled, Paul can do it all. Paul is a diligent craftsman who sits humbly in the corner working away on his projects until somebody thinks to ask him for help and then not only does he always have all of the answers but he usually drops what he’s doing to work on your project with you until you are unstuck and inspired.

Interdimensional travel taking place at the makerspace as Paul pulls stepper motors and rails out of a 2D printer to build a 3D printer.


Paul’s cool cargo bike he built.

“Once, in a futile attempt to stump Paul after getting frustrated about how freaking smart he is I started asking him inane questions about disney movies. I learned two valuable lessons that day: never underestimate Paul, and there were two sleeping disney princesses… Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.”    -Ross Beane