Hello Members!

As a result of Tuesday’s member meeting it has been concluded that we need to improve our decision-making process. Attendees of member meetings may have noticed the same things being talked about time and again, with little to show for. By establishing a set of bylaws to operate these meetings with we can make definite decisions on controversial topics, but still leave them open to amendments later on.

At least that is one way we could set up the bylaws. If you want to talk about the process these meetings, we have scheduled a Bylaws Discussion for Wednesday 29th from 5pm to 8pm to begin with. If you have an interest in the way things operate at the space you need to attend this meeting! This meeting is going to make difference in the way decisions are made and the way your voice is heard.

You can RSVP and for the meeting on our website or on the Facebooks.

Aside: the meeting notes will be sent out in a few days.