Our Wood Shop is probably the most popular part of the Makerspace. It’s pretty obvious why, out here there are tons of hobbyists and professionals working with the wood that is in great supply. There’s also just something about wood working and the culture of New England that goes well together. The DIY spirit is well-entrenched in the people around here.

Below are some photos of projects one of our members has put together with the aid of our Wood Shop space and tools. These are all works by sculptor and artist Andrea Thompson. You can see more of her work on andreathompsonart.com. Andrea comes to our wood shop infrequently, but when she does it’s usually with a fairly big project. The boards you see below were sanded down on our Performax Drum Sander to get them good and cleaned up. With most of them being over 5 feet tall, it made things much easier to feed the boards through the sanding machine compared to palm sanding them.  The tall planks themselves are from oak beams salvaged from the Boston Navy Yard after 200 years of underwater storage.
She has dubbed these pieces A Live Oak Dreams of Going to Sea.


These are part of another series she made with tools from our wood shop. The boats are made of cedar and had their rough shapes cut out on the bandsaw; some of the cedar came from our handy neighbors at Ricci Lumber.
She calls this series The Unlikely Vessels




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