6/30/2021: We have done multiple internal updates to our members in the past 6 months.

In short, we are continuing to utilize the Time Reserve tool to assist with contact tracing, but we have lifted the capacity limits we had on each shop. Our current policies on masks match the CDC’s guidance, in that we require un-vaccinated people to continue to wear masks and social distance, but those that have been vaccinated are free to resume activities without those precautions.


Prospective members: sign up for a Member Orientation here. (required before using the facilities)

For members: please read the COVID Rules for Members here.

You can also read the whole set of COVID policies here.

Use the Time Reserve pages here.

Want to borrow a tool? Our Tool Loan Program is here.

10/14: We are accepting new sign-ups! We are limiting the number of new sign-ups per week to 2 and keeping an eye on our average building capacity. Before using the facilities please RSVP for one of the weekly Member Orientations!

7/21: After re-opening in a limited capacity in June, we are restoring 24/7 access to our Guild members. We thank them for their patience during our gradual re-opening process. Reminder: all rules still apply the same after hours.

Read the full announcement.

6/2: In keeping with the universal guidance issued by the state, and with permission from the Department of Business and Economic Affairs, the Makerspace will be re-opening starting June 2nd with the new COVID policies in place as noted in the previous announcement.

Read the full announcement.

5/29: Our Board of Directors has approved a set of COVID Rules for Members and general policies that we will adhere to during a possible re-opening. Read the recent announcement here: read more.

5/22: Our General Manager, the Board of Directors and volunteer Shop Managers are working on plans and policies for the Makerspace’s eventual re-opening. Expect a detailed update in the coming week regarding new rules for members and how we are changing our operations. read more.

5/4: The Manager and Board of Directors are reviewing information from the Governor and working on our re-opening timeline and safety policies. The order to close extended till May 31st, so we will remain closed until that time: read more.

4/25: Please follow this link for more information about the precautions that the  Makerspace is taking regarding COVID-19 and how we are helping with the PPE shortage: read more.

4/22: We appreciate all the members who have stayed on during this time. We are listening to developments from state and federal officials closely: read more.

3/27: The Makerspace is closing temporarily in response to the Governor’s Emergency Order #17. For members, please read this message.

3/26: Based on recent developments, we are restricting the capacity of our building to no more than 9 people. Additionally, we ask members observe social distancing, wash their hands frequently, disinfect surfaces you have touched, and stay home if you are sick. Full announcement: read more.

3/18: In the interest of public health and safety – active immediately – we are suspending all public events and classes until further notice. Full announcement: read more.