Tool Loan Program

Tool Loan Program

We are pleased to announce the launching of a new Tool Loan Program, immediately available to all members. You can take home the shop’s tools to keep making and working on projects!

The program will have the available tools through this program listed on a web platform called myTurn.

Click this link to see the list of tools! – portcitymakerspace.myturn.com

See more details in this announcement: https://mailchi.mp/6e255ecf83ec/covid-19-precautions-at-port-city-makerspace-2610762

Shaker Box Classes

Shaker Box Classes

Following the classic, time tested process you will assemble two of these boxes of using reproductions of the patterns and molds originally used by the Shakers.

Great for holiday gifts and storing your own stuff around the house!

See upcoming Shaker Box classes here on our calendar.

COVID Updates

12/17/2021: Covid Updates – mask policy, contact tracing

In keeping with state and federal guidance for areas of “high transmission”, we are updating our mask policy to the following:

“Mask Policy – According to CDC guidance, everyone should wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status, in areas of high transmission. As of 12/11/2021, our area is categorized as “high transmission,” and we require members to wear masks indoors.”

In addition, we have still maintained certain policies related to COVID, as written in our COVID Rules for Members. While we haven’t been reminding members of this regularly, these rules have still remained in place. We ask that you read through these rules again to make sure you are following them. Below are a few that are crucial that we want to remind you of:

2. All members and visitors of the space must use our Time Reservation tool on the website to record their visits. Reservations can be made at: https://www.portcitymakerspace.com/reserve-time/

12. Report symptoms or confirmed cases IMMEDIATELY to ContactTracing@portcitymakerspace.com if you have been in the space in the past 2 weeks.

14. Please swipe your RFID tag when entering and leaving. This will help keep track of who was at the space for the purposes of contact management.

Source: CDC.gov website.

Prospective members: sign up for a Member Orientation here. (required before using the facilities)

For members: please read the COVID Rules for Members here.

You can also read the whole set of COVID policies here.

Use the Time Reserve pages here.

Want to borrow a tool? Our Tool Loan Program is here.


Meet the Board and Open House events in April

Meet the Board and Open House events in April

Meet the Board – April 6th at 3pm – RSVP through eventbrite

Our Board of Directors wants to share the mission and goals of the Makerspace with you!

We’re planning a special presentation to give members and the public insight into our organization and our long term plans, and we’re open to those that want to help us and our mission! The presentation will be brief, and we’ll give time afterwards for a Q&A. For newcomers we can do a tour as well.


Open House and Craft Fair – April 14th at 10-1pm – RSVP through eventbrite

Come join us April 14th from 10-1 for our Open House and Craft Fair!

See the shops available to you when you join, watch demos of our cool machines like 3D printers and CNC routers, and buy crafts from members and local makers! Free to attend! For Crafters: just $15 to set up a table!

Hang out and tinker at our Open Hack Nights!

Hang out and tinker at our Open Hack Nights!

To hack something is to take something apart and change the way it works. Anything can be hacked from appliances, toys, clothing, furniture, vehicles, robots, and whatever else you can get your hands on. It’s a exploration in the way things work, and seeing what interesting ways they can be modified.

At our weekly Open Hack Nights, we invite everyone to come and tinker with us! Whether you repurpose fabric and furniture or tinker with toys and electronics, all are welcome to these events. We have a lot of interesting things to take apart in our Electronics Lab’s scrap bins, plus plenty of workspace for those that just need room to tinker and want to be around others. We only open our Electronics Lab and Classroom for guests at this event, the rest of our shop is off limits for non-members.

Every Friday at 6pm, join other makers, explore the way things work, and make them do something interesting!