Seeking New Volunteers

The Makerspace is looking for more volunteers for it’s Volunteer Program! Can you spare 4 hours a week to help out at a fun and creative community shop? Tell us when and how you can help! We offer a complimentary membership upgrade for members on the Port City Maker level, but for non-members we do credit towards either a month of membership or day passes. Sign up today and help out a great community resource!

Halloween costume building at the makerspace

Halloween costume building at the makerspace

Every year running we’ve hosted free costume-building workshops for folks, and this year is no different! We invite anyone working on their costume to come in and make it alongside others doing the same! We don’t require anything to attend, but we do encourage you to make a cash donation to help us continue doing events like this.

What you can use:

We have large space with 4 tables to lay out material and projects.
You can use hand tools we have at the shop like pliers, scissors, wrenches, screwdrivers, hot glue guns, heat guns, hammers, and others.
You can use machines like the 3D printers, sewing machines, and cordless drills.
We also have small amounts of scrap material on hand that you can use!c

Group Trip to Open Bench Project!

Group Trip to Open Bench Project!

We got a message from another cool makerspace in Portland called the Open Bench Project. They were talking amongst themselves and wanted to do a collaborative project with other makerspaces and came up with an interesting idea. They were thinking an inter-makerspace flying drone would be an interesting project to tackle. As you can imagine there’s a lot of considerations that come into play, so we are going to have a joint makerspace meeting soon to discuss the project. Some members from the makerspace will be going up to the OBP on May 6th at 4pm and we will have a group discussion and maybe some prototyping. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to come as well.


Welcome to Port City Makerspace

Hello makers and do-ers. As you may have noticed for awhile now we have been using a flashy new website! This is thanks to our volunteer-driven Website Committee. Thanks to Wayne, Joss, Tanya, and Alex (myself) for setting this up!

We now have a nice calendar which stays very up to date. There are pages for memberships, storage options, and day passes. There are some pages describing each of the shops, but we still have more content to put up there. Overall, if there’s anything you feel we should add to the site feel free to email us suggestions!

Volunteer at Port City Makerspace

Volunteer at Port City Makerspace

Want to be a volunteer at Port City Makerspace? Our elite team of space cadets is looking for new members and we want you to apply!

Makerspace Cadets manage the shop, maintain tools, organize and clean, and are extremely important members of our community.

To be a cadet you must commit 4 hours per week and you get a upgraded membership level for your efforts! The application can be found online here (please print it out and bring it to us in person) or we can give you a printed version at the shop.

Gift Memberships On Sale

Gift Memberships On SaleGet your friends and loved ones a gift that keeps on giving. A membership to Port City Makerspace will feed their creative drive and help them follow their desire to create things.


Gift memberships are available at any membership level and for any amount of time. Gift daypasses are also available.


Go to our gift memberships page or stop in the shop during our normal operating hours to purchase a gift membership.