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Port City Makerspace is the community workshop space for the seacoast area in New Hampshire. We provide the tools and space for you to build whatever you can dream up.

Makerspace members get access to the tools and discounts on classes and can rent project storage space to store personal tools and materials.

We have comprehensive shop space in a variety of focused areas such as woodworking, metalworking, bicycles, crafting, and electronics. Having a workspace with right tools to pursue a wide variety of projects makes Port City Makerspace’s community dynamic and diverse. We empower people to learn the proper use of the right tool for their specific project and to take those skills with them for their next project.

Do you want to use the space but worry that you don’t have the know-how to operate the tools you need? Come take a class and learn safe operation from an expert!

Want to know what's available? Take a look at our List of Spaces or our Tool Manuals, or come by to see the space on Friday's Open Hack Nights!