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Becoming a member[edit]

Thank you taking interest in our space!

Welcome to the makerspace. We are a very community-oriented workshop that is interested in enabling and encouraging people to make whatever they want! When you come to the space, you can expect to find a collaborative, sharing, and generous community with a lot of creativity.

First Steps If you’ve never been to the space before or taken a class here, the first thing you should do is drop by the shop and get a tour. Whoever is on duty will gladly show you around and answer any questions you have about our space. They can tell you about our membership levels and storage options for projects, as well as upcoming classes and events. Once you sign up for a membership, before you can use power tools like the table saw or the mig welder you need to arrange a safety checkout on the tools you know how to and want to use. We want to be sure everyone has safe working knowledge of all tools they use. Arranging a safety checkout is as easy as contacting the shop through phone or email and arranging a time to go through the tools you want to use.

Want to sign up as a 24-hour member? Contact us for your RFID badge and we’ll have it ready for you when you come in. The best part about the space is that the members are the driving force behind everything.

If there’s a change you want to see, all you need to do is do it and get other people to help! We have various committees for each shop that decide as a group things that affect their respective shops. You can find the monthly Committee meetings on our calendar.

For keeping updated on shop happenings, we have a mailing list which we send out to all active members. We also have an email discussion list for communicating with other members which you can join. You can use this to chat with members, talk about shop stuff, or seek help with projects.

Talk to people at the shop!

If you haven’t gotten a tour around the shop, make sure to ask whoever is on duty and they will happily show you around! There are many tools and opportunities available at the makerspace, and it can be overwhelming just looking at it all. People are generally very social and helpful when it comes to things around the shop. You can always ask for help with a project too!

The Shop is always improving.

What we have for resources today can be different than what we have next month. We are focused on expanding our usable shop area and branching out into other disciplines as well, like textiles and CNC manufacturing.

We’ll see you around the space!