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Guides and Manuals[edit]

General Tips and Safety[edit]

  • Wear safety glasses! Chips that come off are hot, and if your whole part comes off it will not be pretty.
  • If you need a sharp endmill, you should have your own set. Our tools are shared use and are not always the sharpest.
  • Clean and oil the machine's ways and surfaces when you are done
  • DO NOT USE WATER AS A COOLANT. Water will rust the precision metal surfaces, making them not precision anymore. Use a rust-preventing additive like Kool Mist.

About our machine[edit]

  • Speed settings are half of what they say
  • The collet pin in the spindle is gone

Helpful Videos[edit]


  • Shars 45 degree 2" x 3/4" Face mill
    • Screws - Torx Flathead M5-12mm for inserts
    • Inserts - SEKT 1204 AFTN - FM33



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