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Important Documentation[edit]

Discussion Lists[edit]

Want to stay in touch with members while not at the space? Join one of these discussion lists!

  • Port City Makerspacers - Facebook group for members and the greater community
  • Slack - Private chat for members with channels dedicated to different topics like #general, #showandtell, and more.
    • Various shops have either a channel or have their own google group. Please see the Committees page for details.

Store Discounts[edit]

Various stores have agreed to give members of our space a discount if they mention they’re with the makerspace. The following is a list of places:

  • Ricci Lumber/Ace Hardware, Portsmouth, NH
  • Seacoast Sewing, Portsmouth, NH
  • Woodcraft, Newington, NH
  • Highland Hardwoods, Brentwood, NH


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