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Description of Volunteer Program[edit]

The Volunteer Program at Port City Makerspace is for those that are passionate about the makerspace and want to contribute in some way. There are a number of different volunteer roles, but the most common one is the Volunteer Staff that are at the shop weekly shifts to keep the doors open. To become a volunteer, an interested person must fill out one of these forms here:

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Interest Form

Interested in contributing a skill? Perhaps teaching a class? Visit our Instructor Handbook page to learn more about running classes.

General Volunteers[edit]

Managed volunteers are typically specific volunteer work days or drop-ins, these are volunteers not trained to run the shop on their own. Managed volunteers should work under the direction of a staff person (paid or volunteer) to complete specific tasks.

Work days[edit]

Work days are advertised to membership and the general public and should be scheduled around a specific task. Work days should be planned with enough advance notice to advertise in the monthly newsletter and submit an expense to have a budget for materials, food, and drink.

Drop in Volunteers[edit]

People looking for something to help out with at any given time should be referred to the “running list” of tasks that is kept in a public spot at the space. The “running list” consist of both projects that are underway and their details including who is managing them, and projects that are up and coming that somebody may be able to get started on. The current shop staff (either non-managed volunteer or paid staff) can also dole out jobs such as sweeping and vacuuming to excited volunteers but should not incentivise these tasks without prior approval.

Volunteer Positions[edit]

Non-managed volunteer staff are people trained up on shop operations to the level that they can work in the the space under their own guidance. This level of volunteer is eligible for membership trade based on the hours they put in. Changes to the hours/reward ratio can be made with one month notice to volunteer staff at any time and nobody will be grandfathered into the system past the one month notice.

Weekly Volunteers[edit]

To be a Weekly Volunteer you must commit to 4 hours per week of volunteer time at the shop and must apply and be accepted into the program. Weekly Volunteers should wear their designated uniform or piece of apparel to make apparent to others that they are volunteering.

For more details on what these volunteers do in a session, see the Volunteer Manual.

Cleaning Crew[edit]

Cleaning Crew may have their “on the clock” time at any time of day but must maintain their weekly hour minimum. Commitments are the same hourly for the weekly volunteers.

Resource Manager[edit]

Resource Managers are responsible for a specific tool or resource in the shop. They check up on it at least a few times a month, do maintenance on it depending on a schedule provided, and post information up regarding new or important things about the tool.

Volunteer Shop Managers[edit]

Volunteer Shop Managers are responsible for one of the shop spaces at Port City Makerspace. Depending on the shop space Shop Managers must contribute a set amount of hours per week (approx 4 hours).

To be a Shop Manager applicants must apply and be accepted into the program. Once accepted, a training period will help guide them into their role and establish what their responsibilities are.

Volunteer Managers responsibilities include the following:

  • Handling the funds allocated to their shop’s PEX card
  • Making sure their shop has resources and either acquiring or requesting the resources
  • Regularly inspecting the tools and equipment in the shop
  • Doing or requesting maintenance on tools
  • Safety checkouts for all equipment in their shop

Volunteer Project Coordinator[edit]

Volunteer Project Coordinator involves keeping track of the many projects around the shop as well as being a motivator to get things done. These projects can be for shop improvement, big group projects, and anything else associated with the makerspace. Responsibilities include:

  • Logging projects and keeping a record of them.
  • Attending member meetings and providing updates on various projects
  • Reporting to the general manager when projects need attention and/or assistance
  • Contacting project leaders and recording updates on their progress and asking what is needed monetarily or personnel-wise to complete said project.
  • Organizing cooperative efforts

This position requires minimum 2 hours a week spent on these tasks. You must be a member to apply for this volunteer position.

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