Electronics Lab Meeting August 2016

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8/19/2016 at 6pm


  • Alex
  • Wayne
  • Paul


  • Laser Cutter: current fundraiser status, possible alternative options
  • Battle bots: gauge interest, make a plan to get one going, figure out what we'd need
  • Vision plan: discuss what the ideal E. lab would have and look like, consider making up a drawing of it (it's all about fundraising and presentation)
  • RFID Door Access System: what we have, what we can do, what we want to do
  • Soft-serve machine: dream big


  • Laser Cutter:
  • Battle bots:
    • Paul knows 3 people that are interested in doing a small battle bots league. He also offered to help organize a plan to do a series of robot-building workshops
  • Vision for E. Lab:
    • Add a second floor
    • All the coolest tools: laser cutter, reflow oven, reflow tool, bins or a vending machine with arduinos and raspis and component boards, logic analyzer (recommend: saleae),