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Kittery Block Party 2016[edit]

June 18th 10am-4pm

Volunteers: Jeff, Matt, Paul, Alex


  1. Meet at the space at: 7am
  2. Set-up and loading time for KBP is 8am-9:30am
  3. Running the booth: 10am-4pm
  4. Packing in: 4pm-5pm
  5. Afterparty​: ​Meet up somewhere it Kittery? (suggestions welcome)

Packing List[edit]


  • Terry - Shutter (stowed under the stairs in Classroom)
  • Jeff - Chad (humanoid sculpture)

Materials to bring: Papers

  • Brochures
  • Cards
  • Mini Fliers
  • Email signup sheet
  • New Class Form

Booth furniture

  • 3 Tables
  • Both vinyl banners (under CAD computer counter)
  • 3-4 folding chairs
  • E-Z Up Tent (in Electronics Lab)

Everything else

  • Big lead-acid battery - Paul
  • Inverter
  • Tablet (for slideshow and square to take donations)
  • Apparel (just 2 shirts in each size)
  • 3D printed stuff
  • Gipsy Danger/New CNC Mill