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Members Meeting Agenda and Notes - August 2nd 2016[edit]

Social Time @5:00pm[edit]

Call to Order @6:00pm[edit]

Attendance and Introductions[edit]

News and Announcements[edit]

  • Dover Mini Maker Faire this month! Saturday 27th
  • Anniversary Party coming soon after!
  • Maker Village update: Permit to do electric approved (imminently)!
  • New equipment: Serger sewing machine, potter's wheel, batch of woodworking tools including a Ryobi portable tool station

Agenda Items[edit]

Open Discussion[edit]



Attendees: Jeff G, Alex N, Wayne M, Bryant, Avi, Steve P.

Dover Mini Maker Faire

  • Discussed other possible large board games, besides giant jenga and its variations
    • Connect 4 using frisbees
    • Giant checkers, seemed to be popular due to its ease of setup, kids can jump on it,
  • Chris Ziobrowski suggested to have a Master Plan and a Fundraising campaign.
    • Wayne is on board for helping with that when a meeting is planned

Anniversary Party

  • Date to be set
  • Wayne can be there with a few hands-on activities for kids
  • Jeff suggested bringing the cider press again this year, but apples might be hard to acquire

Maker Village

Laser Cutter Fundraiser

Other Discussion:

  • Wayne mentioned setting up interviews for members. Can schedule a day and get people to sign up for half hour sessions where they show off a project they're working on
  • Discussion about the fundraising/marketing committee on the board of directors. Anyone with potential donors or connections should get in touch with them (Jeff, Steve, Todd)