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Important Documentation

Discussion Lists

Want to stay in touch with members while not at the space? Join one of these discussion lists!

General Chat

Shop-Specific Chat

Various shops have either a channel in our member Slack, or have their own google group. Please see the Committees page for details.

List of Forms

A consolidated list of forms for various purposes.






Shop Resources

Other than tools, each shop has a number of resources available to members. Below is a list of just some of them.

Wood Shop

  • Scrap material bins
  • Consumables: glue, sandpaper, screws, nails
  • Safety gear: safety glasses, hearing protection
  • Hardwoods donated from a local cabinet shop through a member Oden
  • Wood Shop 2 has tables for doing glue-ups, lots of clamps, and overnight drying shelves for leaving projects to dry

Metal Shop

  • Scrap material bins organized by size and type (square stock, pipe, angle iron)
  • Consumables: welding wire, grinding discs, TIG filler rod, brazing rod, stick welding electrodes, soapstone and grease pencils
  • Safety gear: safety glasses, welding gloves, jackets, auto-dark helmets, hearing protection

Electronics Lab

  • Scrap electronics for repurposing and hacking
  • Consumables and components: resistors, capacitors, motors, batteries, wire, hot glue
  • Safety gear: safety goggles, fume hood, fans for soldering, cork mats
  • Microcontrollers like Arduino, PIC, littleBits, Cricket, and more
  • Sewing machines, including an Overlock machine
  • 3D modeling, CAM, and other software on the computers
  • A Printer and Scanner
  • A library of books on topics like wood-working, metal-working, electronics, bicycles, and more

Auto Shop

  • Oil, antifreeze, cleaners, wrenches, sockets, air tools

Bike Shop

  • Spare parts: tire, tubes, and common lubricants in the Bike Shop

Machine Shop


  • Convenience items: mini-fridge, soda machine, microwave, and water dispenser
  • Community Board: for posting your business, help-wanted ads, etc.
  • Help Board: Post your contact info and what skills you can offer to help other members with

CNC Room

Storage Space

Store Discounts

Various stores have agreed to give members of our space a discount if they mention they’re with the makerspace. The following is a list of places:

  • Ricci Lumber/Ace Hardware, Portsmouth, NH
  • Woodcraft, Newington, NH
  • Highland Hardwoods, Brentwood, NH