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Membership Credit Program[edit]

This is a program for members of the space to be able to perform tasks and work at the Makerspace to offset the cost of their membership.

There is limited space in this program and requires filling out an application and approval.

In order to qualify for this program you must join our volunteer program at the space for at least one month.

Should you be accepted into this program you are expected to fulfill tasks designated to you.

In return for doing tasks, you will receive a Membership Credit that can be used on membership payments, including storage fees.

The credit is strictly for use at the space and cannot be exchanged for money.

For details on regular volunteering, see our Volunteer Program.

How to apply[edit]

Fill out this application.

Upon receiving the application, the General Manager will review it and notify you within a week about your acceptance into the program.

What is expected of you[edit]

Participants of the program are expected to fulfil their duties as outlined below. Failure to do so may result in being immediately removed from the program.

Previously accumulated credits will still be valid unless otherwise decided by the General Manager.


When you receive an order from the General Manager, you are to do it in a reasonable amount of time as decided by you and the General Manager.

You are to be accessible via phone and email for messages or questions.

You are to update the General Manager after your completion of a task or a shift.

Ways to receive Credit[edit]

Take a 4 hour shift at the shop - $10 per shift

Do a task from the Volunteer Tasks list - $3 per task

Help at a Volunteer Work Day, Public Event, or when there is a call for volunteers for a big project - $10 or varying

Taking a 4 Hour Shift[edit]

Similar to the Weekly Volunteer 4 hour shift, you are to pick a regular time of the week to work at the shop.

These shifts must be scheduled at least a week in advance. You can schedule multiple shifts at a time.

This time should be spent doing a list of things outlined as your specific tasks as decided by the General Manager.

Should there be issues with the tasks or not enough tasks to do you are to contact the General Manager for how to proceed.

This time should be spent working on makerspace-related tasks or projects. Anyone caught working on personal projects will be removed from the program.

Volunteer Tasks[edit]

These are typically posted on the Volunteer Board. If you choose to earn credit this way, you are to write your name next to the task on the sheet, and once finished with the task take a picture or otherwise provide some evidence of having done it and email it to the General Manager.

If one of these tasks is not done in a satisfactory manner in the opinion of the General Manager, credit will not be received until the task is done properly.

Helping at Events[edit]

The Makerspace will do public events, sometimes at the shop and sometimes outside the shop, and needs representatives from the shop to help.

These vary depending on the event, but typically need people to answer questions, get people interested in the Makerspace, and handling simple transactions.

If you do not have a Makerspace T-shirt you will be given one for helping at an event. If we don't have one in your size, we'll note down your size and style preference and include it the next time we make an order.

Credit Details[edit]

Credit will be awarded at the first of every month in the form of reduced membership rate. When you go to pay your membership, your credit be subtracted from the total of your dues for the month you worked. It's as simple as that.

In order for someone to be credited in this system, they will need to directly pay their dues each month. We can process payments with cash or by using our Square reader we can do credit cards for one-off payments. We also normally do paid subscriptions through paypal, but we can't alter the amounts charged each month with ease. Checks will not be accepted for this until the person has been in the program for at least 3 months.

Since membership is paid directly by the person it must be done promptly. Delayed payment of more than a month when dues are owed will result in removal from the program.

When joining this program, if you have a current recurring subscription it will be cancelled, and your dues will be on the first of the month. The difference between your last day and the 1st of the next month will be prorated and be credited to your next month. For example, if you are at Port City Maker level ($50) and your last paid date was the 9th you would get 8 days credit. 8 divided by the number of month, let's say 30, is .2666.... multiplied by 50, which makes that $13.30 of credit that month.

In the event you put in enough time to get credit to pay your membership for the month, any time put in afterwards is considered un-credited volunteer-time. This means you must work off membership one month at a time and cannot accrue credit for use in future months.

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