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What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging platform that many makerspaces have adopted for connecting their members. It's essentially a private chat group that can be organized into different "channels" to focus on specific topics.

Anyone with some affiliation with the makerspace is welcome to join, be it a member, friend of a member, or a volunteer.

Join our slack!

Video on how to use Slack

How do I use it?

By default you can use the #general, #random, and #project-ideas channels. You can use the #general channel to talk about things relating to the makerspace, or the #random channel for anything else.

You can join other channels by using the menu of the left side. Click the plus button next to Channels and pick which ones you want to join. As of Jan 2019 the channels are:

For the users of various shops,

  • .#autoshop
  • .#bikeshop
  • .#electronicslab
  • .#metalshop
  • .#woodshop

Other channels:

  • .#boardofdirectors - A private channel for our Board of Directors
  • .#fundraiser - Used for any ongoing fundraiser.
  • .#general - For everything makerspace related.
  • .#haveitmade - For anyone interested in taking on side-jobs. This channel receives emails from people that are looking to hire someone to make something.
  • .#project-ideas - Ever need to just put an idea out into the world?
  • .#random - For everything else.
  • .#showandtell - Share what you made! Be proud of your projects.
  • .#volunteers - For coordinating on-duty times and volunteer tasks.