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General Terms:[edit]

These are the terms by which You are allowed to store Your property on the premises of The Makerspace.


You shall pay the rent to The Makerspace in equal monthly installments for the Storage Space in advance and agree to be billed on the first day of each month. The rent shall be fixed by the Board of Directors of The Makerspace and communicated to the Renter not later than 30 days prior to the effective date of change of Rental charge. If You are unwilling to pay the increased Rent then You may terminate this Rental Agreement at the start of the next rental period.


You are allowed to store Your property in an area that The Makerspace has agreed You can use for storage. This can be discussed between You and the Manager of The Makerspace. The Makerspace may also change this location at any time if it needs to, but will attempt to notify You beforehand.

Storage Space Access:[edit]

You may access their Storage Space during normal open business hours for the Port City Makerspace. If You have 24 hour access Membership at The Makerspace, You may access Your Storage Space outside of normal business hours.


Depending on the storage option The Makerspace may supply You with a container for storage e.g. a Rolling Workbench or a Tote Bin, or You may build one Yourself to use at the space with the permission of The Makerspace. If The Makerspace has given You a container for storage You are to keep it in good condition. For any storage option, it is important that there not be any objects larger than You can safely fit inside Your storage container. If The Makerspace deems that something in Your storage cannot be kept there for any reason You must remove it from The Makerspace immediately.


Your storage option is to be used for the storing of projects, project materials, tools, personal safety gear, and other items related to a workshop environment. It is not to be used to store: food, laundry, highly flammable or explosive chemicals or substances, illegal substances, or anything that would compromise the Makerspace’s insurance. The contents of Your storage space as well as the activities in Your storage space should not cause hindered access or otherwise inconvenience to other renters.


No items may be stored upon the premises which would violate The Makerspace’s premises’ insurance coverages or cause The Makerspace’s property insurance rates to increase. No explosives or highly flammable materials may be stored on the premises, and the storage of any materials which are defined as toxic or hazardous under any federal, state, or local law or ordinance is expressly prohibited. For common flammable items like aerosol cans, paint thinners, wood finishes, and propane see the manager to ask if it is allowed to be stored in a common flammables storage cabinet.

Custody of the space:[edit]

The Makerspace shall not have, or be deemed to have, custody, care or control of the contents of the Storage Space, nor shall The Makerspace be deemed to be a bailee of the contents of the Storage Space. Tenant warrants that all items placed by Tenant in the storage space shall be Tenant’s own property or property which tenant is legally entitled to possess.

Care of the Storage Space:[edit]

You shall keep the Storage Space clean and in good order. You shall not make any alteration to the Storage Space without the express written authorization of The Makerspace, and may not designate the Storage Space in any way. You shall not place any property or material outside the Storage Space. Any property or material found outside the Storage Space shall be conclusively presumed to be abandoned and may be disposed of by The Makerspace without notice or liability to You. You shall not make any alterations to the Storage Space nor post any signs without the express written consent of The Makerspace

The Makerspace’s Duty of Care:[edit]

The Makerspace is providing the rentable storage space to its tenants as an accommodation, and The Makerspace undertakes no special duties of care with respect to such units. You acknowledge that The Makerspace’s obligation is to maintain the areas of the Building in which storage spaces are located with no greater care than The Makerspace exercises for those areas of the Building in which no storage spaces are located. Nor shall The Makerspace be liable for any damages or loss to You with respect to the contents of the Storage Space as a result of theft, disappearance, vandalism, fire, water, leaking pipes, hurricane, rain, electrical malfunction, explosion, any act of God or any other situation out of the control of The Makerspace. You also acknowledge that The Makerspace shall have the right to open and if necessary empty the Storage Space if access is required to make repairs to the Building or Building systems and equipment that may be in or near the Storage Space necessitating access from within the Storage Space.


Any notices sent by The Makerspace to You may be through electronic communication, be it email or telephone.

Termination of Agreement:[edit]

This Agreement may be terminated by The Makerspace upon any of the following events: (a) If You fail to pay to The Makerspace any rental charge due for the Storage Space. (b) If You fail to pay The Makerspace any other charge billed to You. (c) A decision by the Board of Directors of The Makerspace to use the space occupied by Your Storage Space for another purpose of The Makerspace.


Should You wish to cancel Your payments for storage, the payment made by You during the current payment period will not be refunded unless The Makerspace deems a refund appropriate. If You have made payments for storage in advance, the payments made for the months after the termination date will be refunded to You.

If Your membership to the space is cancelled or expires, Your storage plan will continue until Your storage has been removed. Your storage items should not remain here if You are not maintaining an active membership unless You have written consent from The Makerspace.

Late payments:[edit]

Payments should be promptly paid on the numerical date the first payment was made. Should You neglect to pay Your dues for a period no longer than 2 weeks, You agree to grant ownership of the contents of Your storage space to The Makerspace. If You wish to retrieve Your property after this time, The Makerspace may decide to return Your property but is not obligated to.

Removal of Storage Space Contents:[edit]

In the event of the termination of this Agreement, whether by You or The Makerspace, You shall remove the contents of the Storage Space no later than the date in which such termination is effective. If You do not empty the Storage Space, The Makerspace may empty the Storage Space and may dispose of the contents as if the contents were abandoned property of no value.

Assumption of Risk:[edit]

You acknowledge that The Makerspace does not maintain insurance for You against loss of the contents of Your Storage Space. You also acknowledge that You are responsible for insuring the property that You store in Your Storage Space.

The Makerspace’s Entry of Storage Space:[edit]

If The Makerspace believes the Storage Space is being used to store items in violation of this agreement, The Makerspace may require the Renter to permit The Makerspace or their agent access to the Storage Space for an examination of its contents. The Renter shall remove any contents The Makerspace deems are in violation of this agreement. If the Renter fails to permit The Makerspace access to the Storage Space, The Makerspace may break open the Renter’s lock to gain access, may remove items determined not to be authorized items for storage in the Storage Space and may dispose of such items as if the items were abandoned property of no value. The Renter shall reimburse The Makerspace for time and materials incurred to break open Renter’s lock securing the Storage Space.

Indemnification and Release of The Makerspace:[edit]

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Makerspace from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) and liabilities incurred by The Makerspace as a result of Your failure to comply, by act or omission, with any of the requirements of this Agreement. You hereby release The Makerspace, its directors, offices, employees, and agents from any and all claims You may have at any time against The Makerspace with respect to the items stored in the Storage Space except such claims as may result from any intentional acts of The Makerspace or its employees resulting in damage to the contents of the Storage Space.

Modification of Agreement:[edit]

Any modification of this agreement must be in writing and it may not be modified orally.

Assignment of Storage Space:[edit]

The Renter may not, without the prior written consent of The Makerspace, assign this Agreement, transfer the Renter’s rights under this Agreement to any person, or allow any other person to use the Storage Space.