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If anything on this list is something you are interested in helping with, please contact alex@portcitymakerspace.com.

Regular tasks

Any day tasks:

  • Give tours and info about the makerspace to new-comers.
  • Answer phone calls and providing accurate info, writing down notes, refer to website
  • Organize tools, materials, and untidy areas
  • Sweep and/or vacuum the floor of a shop. Focus on primary walking areas, as well as the space directly around machines or furniture.
  • Clean tables, chairs, shelves, and anything that has dust/dirt on it.
  • Use the Volunteer Log after doing something.
  • Empty a full trash can and replace with an empty bag. Trash goes outside by the red chimney. New bags are near the bathroom.
  • Every Sunday: Take all trash and recycling out to the curb.
  • Daily sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces. Use Daily Sanitizing Checklist

Occasional Tasks:

  • Update whiteboard calendars. Done at the beginning of the month.
  • Winter outdoor cleaning: shoveling, ice-breaking, salting.
  • Spring/Summer outdoor cleaning: gardening, weed-whacking, mowing.
  • Sweep and mop the floor in one of the shops. Best time to do it is a quiet day.
  • Brush and vacuum the walls in the Wood Shop.
  • Write an announcement on the whiteboard
  • Empty vacuums, replace vacuum bag if there was one
  • Wipe off workbenches and tables to remove dust
  • Clean the Metal Shop doors with simple green or degreaser
  • Sharpen drill bits using Drill Doctor
  • Purge flammables cabinet of old, expired, empty, or otherwise useless products. Collect ones that need to be disposed in a bin and set aside for Hazardous Waste Day in May.
  • Clean dust off of ceiling-mounted heaters: Classroom, Wood Shop, Storage Area
  • Go through wood/metal scrap bins, purge any odd/dirty/useless material, organize things by size and type.
  • Vacuum the walls and ducting in the Wood Shop and/or Metal Shop

Post photos of member projects on social media to show people what our members do Skilled Tasks:

  • Social media posts about makerspace events, member features, project photos.
  • Repair equipment. Please consult the manager or shop manager before doing.
  • Help with a construction/deconstruction project.
  • Manage and organize a shop improvement project.

Special Tasks

This is our ever growing list of tasks that we need help with. Tasks range from simple things that anyone can help with to skilled work that we need done.

Volunteer Task List - The full list of special tasks.

A few highlights as of December 2018:

  • Make a new pin for the metal shop vise 1.5" by .35" diameter
  • Mount "Entrance on Morning St" sign to the front parking lot sign
  • Paint wood shop walls
  • Clean walls in Classroom for painting
  • Build dust shroud for miter saw
  • Add balusters or plywood to stair sides
  • Add drywall to the CNC Room
  • Assist adding dryawll to upper part of Wood Shop walls
  • Install Digital Read Out on the southbend lathe
  • Hang welding curtains on Machine Shop side of Metal Shop
  • Set up standard cleaning stations in the shops
  • Clean garage doors in Classroom, Auto Bay, and Electronics Lab