Wood Shop Painting Project 2018

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With the help of lead volunteer Christiana and others like Jeff 42, Peter B, Paul B, we are going to repaint the Wood Shop to give it fresh coat of bright white and a couple walls with a green color.

This will be a fairly large undertaking! It's a big space, with multiple types of walls, and a lot of stuff to rearrange. Below is information about the whole process for future reference if ever this needs doing again.

Prep Work[edit]

Before getting started[edit]

We needed to know how big the area of the walls to be painted were, and compiled a sheet with dimensions of each wall and the type of wall (masonry, rock, brick, or sheetrock).

Then the materials needed could be estimated. The information on paint will say how much coverage it can do in square feet, so we acquired enough to cover a little more than we needed for each type of wall. With the rock wall in particular, it may take more paint than estimated due to having a very bumpy surface.

Sheetrock Prep[edit]

There are about 5 or 6 walls that are sheetrock in the Wood Shop. 2 of these will be painted green.

Masonry: Cinderblock, Rock, and Brick Prep[edit]

The masonry walls will be painted white. There are 2 walls that are cinderblock. These will get a coat of masonry primer and parts will get UGL water-locking primer. There is part of 1 wall that is rock foundation. This will get a heavy coat of UGL water-locking paint. There is part of 1 wall that is brick. This will get a coat of UGL and masonry primer.

Steps to clean and prep the masonry

  • Clean mildew or efflourescence with bleach
  • Clean any grease or oil with a degreaser
  • Brush off any loose dirt/rocks with a wire brush or regular brush
  • Vacuum off dust as best as possible

Painting Day[edit]


  • DAY BEFORE: Do a fair amount of cleaning and removal of furniture before the big day. This way we get a head start.
  • Unmount furniture and fixtures from the walls where needed
  • Move tools and furniture away from the walls, move toward center of room, and cover with plastic
  • Pack any small items or tools into boxes for easier transportation and temporary storing
  • Lay out plastic on the floor by walls
  • Put out "Painting in Progress" signs
  • ???
  • Profit