RFID Badge

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Blue idle light
Green read light
Pull door handle

How to use your badge

  • There are two RFID-enabled doors: one in the Classroom, and one in the Electronics Lab.
  • Hold your RFID Badge close to the black rectangle as shown. The blue diamond will momentarily turn green, confirming that it successfully read the badge. Note: this does not mean the door unlocked, it means that the system read the badge.
  • You should hear a click by the door handle. Pull on the door handle without turning it. The lock mechanism will release and allow the door to open. Note: if the mechanism is stuck, you may need to push on the door first and then pull.
  • If your badge did not work, please contact the Manager.

Returning your badge

If your membership has expired, please return your RFID Badge as soon as possible.

What to do if it gets lost

Please report lost badges to RFID@portcitymakerspace.com. You will be provided a replacement for free, and the old one will be removed from the system. It is important that you report lost badges right away.

If you feel like donating to pay for the badge, you can throw a few dollars in the donation box in the classroom.