12 Inch Disc Sander

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Brand: Rockwell-Delta

Model#: 31-125 Type 1

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General Tips and Safety

List mostly copied from here.

  • Always wear safety glasses/safety goggles while using the belt/disc sander.
  • Turn on the vacuum.
  • Roll sleeves up past the elbow and ensure that no loose clothing will get caught in the belt or disc while operating the belt/disc sander. Tuck clothing in if necessary.
  • Make sure there are no scrap pieces between the belt or disc and their respective tables before turning on the belt/disc sander.
  • Check and adjust the table, if needed, before turning on the belt/disc sander.
  • Before turning on the belt/disc sander, make sure your stock is not touching the belt or disc.
  • Whether you’re using the belt or disc portion of the sander, after turning the machine on, make sure that the belt sander is tracking properly. If you notice it is not, turn the sander off right away and inform staff or a volunteer.
  • After the belt/disc sander has been turn on, wait to sand your stock until the machine has come up to full speed.
  • When using the disc sander, sand on the downward side (left side) of the disk.
  • Keep fingers at least 1 inch away from the belt or disc at all times.
  • If a belt begins to drift, breaks or a disc comes off during usage, turn the machine off and notify staff or a volunteer. Do not adjust tracking or install a new belt or disc yourself unless you know how to do this.
  • Keep the stock moving across the belt or downward side of the disc to avoid wearing out or burning a portion of the belt or disc.
  • Keep stock on the table while sanding with the disc.
  • Sand lightly; do not force stock into the belt or disc.
  • Never sand very small pieces with the belt/disc sander. Instead, sand those by hand.
  • If a piece of wood gets trapped between the belt or disc and its’ table, turn the belt/disc sander off, wait until it stops, and then clear it out.
  • When finished working with the belt/disc sander, turn the machine off and remain in the work zone until it completely stops moving.

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