32 inch Hand Shear

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Model#: HS-800

Acquired from Bolton Group (product page here)

Bed width: 31 1/2""

Maximum shear mild steel thickness: 16 gauge

Packing size: 44" x 11.8" x 29.2"

Demo Video: Bolton Tools - HS-800 - 32" Hand Shear



This tool is strictly for cutting the following materials:

  • Aluminum, Brass, Copper sheet - 18 gauge - 0.05 inch
  • Mild steel sheet - 18 gauge - 0.05 inch

This tool should NOT be used to cut the following:

  • Material thicker than 18 gauge
  • Bar stock, round tubing, or anything other than sheet
  • Hardened or stainless steel sheet


  • You can use C clamps to clamp the sheet on the frame.
  • BEWARE of pinch points on the shear where your fingers can get caught.
  • USE GLOVES. Cut sheet metal will be razor sharp!!
  • GO SLOW. The shear will have a tendency to bite and suck the sheet in and cut a curve.