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Machine Info

Machine: Atomic

  • Stepper Motors: 200 steps/rev
  • Resolution: 0.0005”
  • Leadscrews: 1/2", 10 threads/in, single-start
  • Construction is Baltic Birch plywood, aluminum angle rails, V-groove bearings, and acme leadscrews


  • CNC Control Software: Mach3
  • CAM Program available: F-Engrave, CamBam
  • Processor:
  • RAM:
  • HDD:

Helpful Videos

Other Stuff

Repairs Needed:

  • True up the router/mount
  • Replace leadscrews that are wobbly
  • Replace aluminum rails and V-groove bearings with linear rod and bushings
  • For the Y axis occasional skewing, maybe add another motor driver and arrange them in master/slave setup

Future Projects:

  • Build drawers into carts for bits and some shelves for materials.
  • Create enclosure around machine to contain dust
  • Replace limit switches and re-enable them
    • Have two switches on the Y axis so that it can align both Y motors at the same time
  • Carve slots for aluminum track to use for clamping materials
  • Upgrade computer with one that can run VCarve Pro and other design software
  • Upgrade control software to Mach4 or something nicer


  • Vacuum attachment and boot made by Nick S

Setup Procedure:

  • Examine machine. Clean off bearings if dirty. Vacuum up excessive wood particles. If keyboard is dusty be sure to vacuum it out or turn upside and shake.
  • Turn on power strip
  • Turn on computer
  • Open Mach3 program on desktop (if it does not open automatically) to operate machine controls
  • Open a Gcode file (various extensions are: .gcode, .txt, .gc, .ngc, and so on)
  • Click on the red RESET button on the screen to enable the motion control. If it doesn't stop flashing, check that the big red button on the machine itself is raised and not pressed.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the machine's axes to the desired start point on your material. Pay attention to where in the program your machine will start.
  • Make sure your material is aligned and clamp it or tape it securely in place, making sure not to put anything in the path of the gantry
  • Hit the “Zero” button for each axis to set the start point of the program to the machine's current position.

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