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Machine: Fireball V90

  • Stepper Motors: 200 steps/rev
  • Resolution: 0.0005”
  • Leadscrews: 10 threads/in
  • Spindle: Flex Shaft Grinder
  • Optional: Makita Trim Router


  • CNC Control Software: Mach3
  • CAM Program available: F-Engrave, CamBam
  • Processor:
  • RAM:
  • HDD:


  • Reorganize bottom of cart to have drawers for bits and some shelves for materials.
  • Case to contain dust
  • Auto-leveling system
  • Add sensors to detect position
  • Add sensor to detect tool depth? (or use a gauge from machine shop)
  • Build control box
  • Coolant dispenser
  • Vacuum attachment and boot

Setup Procedure:

  • Examine machine. Clean off bearings if dirty. Vacuum up excessive wood particles. If keyboard is dusty please blow it out with air nozzle.
  • Plug in power strip
  • Turn on power strip
  • Turn on computer
  • Open Mach3 program on desktop to operate machine controls
  • Click the “Ref Home” button to set the machine home
  • Open a Gcode program
  • Move the machine's axes to the desired start point on your material. Pay attention to where in the program your machine will start.
  • Make sure your material is aligned and clamp it or tape it in place, making sure not to put anything in the path of the gantry
  • Hit the “Zero” button for each axis to set the start point of the program to the machine's current position.
  • The machine is now ready to cut

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