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To keep our members nice and toasty, we have a few heaters throughout the building. These are typically controlled by programmed thermostats.

Electric Heaters[edit]

Located in: Electronics Lab

This one does NOT have a programmed thermostat, and is basically used on demand. There is a remote to control it with options to turn the temperature up and down, as well as put it on a timer.

Electric Heater Instructions

  • If you turn it on, be responsible for turning it off!
  • Power button turns it on, + and - buttons adjust temperature.
  • Use the Timer button to have it shut itself off. Default time is 3 hours.
  • Turn the ceiling fan on (switch is by the exit) for better airflow.

Gas Heaters[edit]

Located in: Classroom, Wood Shop, Storage Area

Wood Shop
Storage Area

These are gas heaters controlled by Honeywell thermostats. See photos for reference. They are programmed on a schedule aligned with our hours of operation (see website). During open hours the temperature is around 62, and outside of those hours it is 40.

For members working in the space outside of operating hours, you can use the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. Just remember to turn it back down when you leave!