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So you want to make your mark on the wiki? Here's a few tips and things you should know.

"Wiki"s are primarily a way to document lots of information and break it up into individual "articles" like this one. For the makerspace, it helps keep all information that members might want to know like the progress of a project, who to contact for help with a certain machine or skill, what tools are available and where to find the manuals for them, as well as anything else that members like yourself deem useful communal knowledge.

To make a new article, type the title of it in the search bar. If the page doesn't already exist, it will ask you if you want to create a new one, at which point you click on the name and start one!

If you want to make an edit to an article, there should be text buttons below the blue bar up top that say page, discussion, edit. Click edit! Once in there you will see a large text box with a lot of formatting marks like equals signs = and ' apostrophes. These are how you make things like headers and bold text, and you can see more examples of that at the bottom of this page.

When making a new article or editing an old one, please keep in mind that it is publicly visible. Do not put up information that you would not like to be public like account information or passwords, or personal details not meant for a documentation site.

This wiki is using the MediaWiki platform. You can go to their website for more info.

You can create an account by clicking on "Log In" in the blue bar above and following the directions there.

For specifics on formatting, check this link out: Formatting guide from

The content below is referenced in their formatting guide but copied here for convenience.

The Contents box below is automatically generated.

This is a header

=This is a header=

This is a level 2 header

==This is a level 2 header==

This is a level 3 header

==This is a level 3 header===

And so on

====And so on====

And so forth

=====And so forth=====

Links and text

This is a link to google

  • [ This is a link to google].
  • Must have "http://" in front of it, and a space between the link and what the link text should say.

This is a link to an internal page (exact title)

  • [[This is a link to an internal page]].
  • Title must be an exact match to the one you are trying to link to.

This is bold

  • '''This is bold'''
  • three apostrophes

This is italic

  • ''This is italic''
  • two apostrophes


Bulleted list:

  • Asterisk before each item
  • *Asterisk
    • Two asterisks makes an indented bullet
      • Can do as many as you want
                        • Okay that's too much

Numerical list:

  1. Number sign before each item
  2. # Number sign or pound sign or hashtag
    1. Same goes for this one, more means indented
                                    1. Oh hi

For more in depth stuff, go to the MediaWiki Help:Formatting page

Formatting guide from