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This is a description of the build-out and future operations of the Maker Village space.

Maker Village[edit]


The Maker Village is a series of rooms and short-wall spaces for the purpose of providing rentable workspaces for creatives and craftspeople. These spaces are in three different sizes, 6' by 8', 7' by 8', and 6' by 13'.

The spaces in the Maker Village are based on the idea Artisan’s Asylum had, which was a personal workspace for people inside of a larger shared workspace. This will enable people to focus on their project by being able to have their stuff set up in a space all their own while still being able to use the Makerspace’s Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Machine Shop, Electronics Lab, and the all tools available as a member.

Features of spaces:

  • Short walls with the option to build up for shelving
  • 120 volt 10 amp 2-outlet box
  • 8ft light fixtures
  • Close to other makers’ workspaces, creating a social atmosphere
  • A clean, blank space to turn into your personal workshop!


Private Spaces Layout April REV9.png

List of Villagers[edit]

  • Todd Gallant
  • Jeff Lukach
  • Brass Lavoie
  • Jill Card
  • Paul Boeckman
  • Dan Daly
  • Oden Torres

Rental Conditions[edit]

Renting a space in the Maker Village will come with a set of conditions regarding conduct, treatment of the space, what is expected to be provided, and what is expected the renter will take care of.