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Home of metal fragments and welding fumes, the metal shop is home to many tools capable of shaping, cutting, and fusing metal.

Metal Shop User Guide

  1. Vacuum/Sweep
    1. Vacuum up IMMEDIATELY after doing something. Clean as you go. Don't leave a bunch of messes to clean up later, or you will wind up missing messes that others will have to clean up.
    2. Check the vac to see if it is full. Empty it into a regular trash can if it is. Watch out for the dust plume.
  2. Gas Cylinders:
    1. Tank Exchange Area: This is a corner outside the auto bay and classroom where new and empty tanks are kept. If a tank is empty, please mark it as such with a tag and move it to the tank exchange area.
  3. Welder Set-up: We have our MIG wire welders set up for steel welding. If you intend to use a machine for something other than steel, please carefully set up your machine, and change everything back for steel when you are done. The gas hooked up to the machine should be Argon/CO2 75/25 mix, the wire should be mild steel wire (typically .030), and tip should match the wire diameter, and the drive wheel for the wire should be on in the correct position for the wire diameter.
  4. Welding Curtain: Make sure the curtain to the wood shop is closed when you are welding, torching, brazing, plasma cutting, or any process that emits harmful light.
  5. Angle Grinders
    1. BE AWARE OF YOUR SPARKS. Do not let them fly at people, machines, or anything flammable.
    2. Always have the guards on. If you have to remove it for an operation, make sure to reinstall it before putting it away.
    3. When using cutting discs, always wear a full face shield. Here is a good reason why: (WARNING, GRAPHIC)
  6. Do not do any of the following to or on the power tools:
    1. Leave things on them. We have tables and workbenches for working on, so please leave the power tools accessible for others to use.
    2. Hammer or do aggressive work on them. There are workbenches for that.
    3. Get glue on them. There are workbenches for that.
    4. Get water on them or set drinks on them. The metal surface will rust and someone will have to clean it or fix it if it's bad enough.
    5. Push them to their limits. We don't have a "Tool Replacement Budget", so don't break our only tools.
    6. Break something and then not tell anybody. If the next person that walks up to it doesn't know its broken, it can cause them to get hurt when they try to use it. Leave a note, tell the manager
  7. Good rules of thumb:
    1. Keep it organized: Put things back where you found them or back where they belong. It's easier to work on something when you can find the tools in the place they're supposed to be.
    2. Blades: inspect before using. Shared blades get used heavily. If you need sharp blades for quality work, you should bring your own.
    3. Dust: Any dust should be contained and controlled as best as possible. Use vac attachment when possible.
    4. Inspect your tools: There are many users of the shop with varying skill levels and habits. Make sure the tool you are going to use is safe, it is set up the way you need it, and it is clean enough for safe use.
    5. Always be learning: Understand how to get a good result. Typically it's 70% setup, and 30% skill. Read the manual, watch a video, ask for help.
    6. Work safe: Work slow and carefully. Most accidents happen when people rush. Schedule your time in the shop wisely.

Tools: Welding Shop

Large Power Tools

Hand Tools

Tools: Machine Shop

Large Power Tools

Hand Tools

  • Taps and Dies
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Thread Guages
  • Dial Indicator


  • Discs for angle grinders
  • Wire for welders
  • Soapstone pencils
  • Auto-darkening Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Steel Wool
  • Sandpaper

Welding Gas Cylinders

We order shielding gases and torch gasses from Maine Oxy in Hooksett, NH. Phone number: 1-800-698-5490

Typically ordered as we need it, only occasionally stock backup. Usually order a delivery the week before a welding class.

Typical Cylinders and approximate costs as of July 2019

Label Gas Size Cubic feet Use Cost
CR C25S 25% C02, 75% Argon S 141 steel MIG, fits on mobile welding cart $65.00
CR C25T 25% C02, 75% Argon T 305 steel MIG, good for running 2 welders $120.00
OX K Oxygen K 227 for OxyAcetylene torch $35.00
AC WS Acetylene WS 140 for OxyAcetylene torch $75.00
AR T Argon T 305 for TIG/Stick welding, MIG welding aluminium $100.00

Here is a useful reference on welding gas tank sizes and usage: Argon Tank Sizes for MIG Welding, the Best Tips and Tricks

Metal Shop Tool Cart

Metalshopcart arborpresses rollingmill.jpg Metalshopcart pipebenderdies.jpg Metalshopcart tubingrollerdies.jpg Metalshopcart grinderforcarbide.jpg Metalshopcart sheetmetalbrake.jpg Metalshopcart makitachopsaw.jpg Metalshopcart pipebender.jpg Metalshopcart tubingroller.jpg

In the storage area near the rented rolling workbenches, there is a cart dedicated to extra metal shop tools that don't quite have a home in the metal shop. Please ask for permission from the General Manager or the Metal Shop Manager before adding or changing the inventory of this cart.

  • Sheet Metal Brake and tooling (8 pcs)
  • Tubing Roller and box of tooling (3x round tubing dies, 1x square tubing die)
  • English Wheel and box of tooling
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender
  • Small Arbor Press x2
  • Metal Rolling Mill
  • Bench Grinder for carbide sharpening


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