Opening Procedure

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This is a reference tool for volunteers on duty that need to open the shop. If any of this is out of date, unclear, or otherwise needs changing, please notify the General Manager or suggest an edit to this page.

Note: this is only to be done when someone is On Duty. If there is no volunteer watching the front door, the shop should remain locked up. Non-members should not be allowed to walk in unless there is someone available to ensure they sign a waiver and supervise them.

Opening Checklist

  1. Unlock the Classroom door
  2. Turn on the lights front lights for the Classroom and the Wayfinder lights
  3. Put your name card on the Watching The Shop board in the Classroom
  4. Turn on the lights in the Wood Shop
  5. Put the open flag out on the wall-mounted holder outside of the Electronics Lab entrance.

Start-of-Day Tasks

  1. Clean the tables in the Classroom if needed
  2. Empty the trash and recycling
  3. Write notes about anything unusual - messes, projects left behind, etc