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Tuk Truk[edit]

This is a project documentation page for the Tuk Truk, an electric trike vehicle donated to the makerspace and is available for members to contribute to.

This vehicle is no longer here after a tool sale in 2016. It has found a new home on a nearby island.

Paul test-driving the Tuk Truk




  • Model WZ-AC128C
  • Watts: 1500
  • Volts: ??? 12V??
  • Max Amps: ???
  • RPM: 320
  •  ???: IP54

Power Supply[edit]

  • Batteries: Five 12V Lead-acid batteries (in series)
  • Charger: 60V 1.6A Charger from ElectricScooterParts.com
  • Regulator:


  • Horn: 12V
  • Headlights: Black GUIA
  • Taillights: 124421CL/CLM Square LED Trailer Light
  • Turn Signals: CEV Moped turn signal lights from treatland.tv
    • 12v input to switch on head
  • Battery Meter:
    • 60V input
    • Connect to 10k resistor
    • Connect to Rin on instrument
    • ground output on instrument, connect to 40k resistor in series and then to 12v ground
    • Voutput (yellow) from instrument to 12v instrument


Driving Controls[edit]

Buttons and Switches[edit]

Project Log[edit]

March 2016

- Looked at documentation that came with it and started entering key details into this wiki page.

- Seems like the batteries don't charge anymore. Will have to get some new ones. Think bout lithium for more compact power and a lighter vehicle.

March 2015 - Gave it a test ride! Runs pretty well, can go around the block to Ricci for supply runs.

Received: December 2014