Volunteer Tasks

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Primary Volunteer Task List

We maintain a list of projects and tasks we need volunteers for in a google sheet here:

Volunteer Task List

If anything on this list is something you are interested in helping with, please contact alex@portcitymakerspace.com.

Regular tasks

Below is a list of common tasks that need doing on a regular basis. No need to ask permission to do these, you can just do it!

Any day tasks:

  • Give tours and info about the makerspace to new-comers.
  • Answer phone calls and providing accurate info, writing down notes, refer to website
  • Organize tools, materials, and untidy areas
  • Sweep and/or vacuum the floor of a shop. Focus on primary walking areas, as well as the space directly around machines or furniture.
  • Wipe off workbenches, tables, and chairs to remove dust
  • Use the Volunteer Log after doing something.
  • Empty a full trash can and replace with an empty bag. Trash goes outside by the red chimney. New bags are above utility sink in the Wood Shop and in the bathroom.
  • Every Sunday: Take all trash and recycling out to the curb.
  • Daily sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces. Use Daily Sanitizing Checklist

Occasional Tasks:

  • Winter outdoor cleaning: shoveling, ice-breaking, salting.
  • Spring/Summer outdoor cleaning: gardening, weed-whacking, mowing.
  • Sweep and mop the floor in one of the shops. Best time to do it is a quiet day.
  • Vacuum the walls and ducting in the Wood Shop and/or Metal Shop
  • Empty vacuums, replace vacuum bag if there was one
  • Clean the Metal Shop doors with simple green or degreaser
  • Sharpen drill bits using Drill Doctor
  • Purge flammables cabinet of old, expired, empty, or otherwise useless products. Collect ones that need to be disposed in a bin and set aside for Hazardous Waste Day in May.
  • Clean dust off of ceiling-mounted heaters: Classroom, Wood Shop, Storage Area
  • Go through wood/metal scrap bins, purge any odd/dirty/useless material, organize things by size and type.