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This is a handy list of locations for where things are. It's likely to change over time.

Last updated: January 2019

Cleaning Supplies[edit]

  • Wood Shop
    • Vacuum: By Miter Saw
    • Brooms and dustpans: by double-doors leading to Storage Area
  • Metal Shop
    • Pushbroom: By doorway to Wood Shop above the door frame
    • Handbroom: On side of shelving by doorway to Wood Shop
    • Vacuum (red top): by MIG welders
    • Vacuum (silver can): by Milling Machine and Lathe
  • Auto Shop
    • Pushbroom: in corner by Metal Shop and the garage door
    • Vacuum: between the two bays
  • Electronics Lab
    • Pushbroom and handbroom: in corner by main door
    • Lysol wipes: on top of library shelves
  • Bathroom
    • Hand-soap, paper towels, lysol wipes: in or on the wall-mounted cabinet

Makerspace Map - Locations of Lights, Locks, and Tools 12-16-18 small.png

Descriptions of Locations of Locks, Lights, and Other[edit]

A description of the locations of these things to help new members understand where things are if unfamiliar.

Also includes things to ensure get shut off, like the air compressor, gas bottles in the metal shop, etc.

  • Storage Area
    • Door: currently unused, should always be locked, located in far back corner near loft structures
    • Light: 1 switch on support column by thermostat
    • Light: 1 switch by main breaker panel in Wood Shop 2 (glue-up area)
    • Thermostat: On support column by switch
    • Air Compressor: valve on right side of big blue air compressor, located by blue sandlbasting cabinet behind Wood Shop 2 divider
  • Maker Village
    • Light: 1 switch at 2 entrances to the area, 1 by bathroom and 1 by storage area
  • Bathroom
    • Light: 1 switch by entrance after walking in
  • CNC Room
    • Light: 1 switch under large CNC on the left, blue-green
  • Auto Bay
    • Door: Garage door on left, sliding latch on left side
    • Door: Garage door on right, sliding latch on left side
    • Door: Garage door on right, person-sized door in middle, latch on right side
    • Light: To the right of door to Metal Shop, behind the hinges
  • Metal Shop
    • Light: Before walking into the Metal Shop from the Wood Shop, on the right side
    • Gas Valves: 4-5 gas bottles with valves, check that they are closed (righty-tighty)
  • Wood Shop
    • Light: After walking into the Wood Shop from the Classroom, on the right side
    • Thermostat: Before walking into the Storage Area/Wood Shop 2 double doors, on the right side
  • Classroom
    • Door: Garage door on left, sliding latch on right side
    • Door: Garage door on right, sliding latch on left side
    • Door: Person-sized door by the garage doors, deadbolt and knob lock
    • Light: 2 switches by the person-sized door, 1 for Classroom lights, 1 for Wayfinder lights
    • Thermostat:
  • Electronics Lab
    • Door: Garage door, sliding latch of right side
    • Door: Person-sized door, electronically locked via plug on the floor to the right of door
    • Light: 2 switches by doors, 1 for Wafinder lights, 1 for ceiling fan