Project Storage

As a member, you have access to our workshops and a huge quiver of tools. If you’re anything like us, that means you’ll be building and fixing things you’ve been dreaming up for years. At Port City Makerspace we have many options for you to keep your projects here so that you can work on them whenever you want. 


Locker 10"x10"x10"

$5 per month



$20 per month


2'x4'x4 on wheels with a working surface

$40 per month

Materials shelf


$70 per month




4'x4' floor space in the warehouse

$30 per month

Large project floor space

sized to suit

Minimum of $30 per month and per square foot charge above 4'x4'

Motorcycle One Standard size motorcycle

$35 per month





We can accommodate large projects! Bring your big projects inside through our overhead doors. Keep whatever you’re working on with us so that it will be right here when you need it.