Reserve Time

The Makerspace is temporarily operating on a reservation-only basis. Please read the following notes about our reservation system.

  • All members, volunteers, and visitors are required to register their visits using this system.
  • If a time slot is "grayed out", that time is not available. Please choose another time.
  • You must be prepared to leave when your reservation ends. Plan time to clean and pack up.
  • You may renew your reservation towards the end of your current one if there is capacity.
  • Reservations can be made with as little as 2 minutes notice on the half-hour, but planning ahead is advised to ensure there will be room for you.

Please be sure you have read and agreed to the current COVID Rules for Members. (Last update: 6/30/2021)

Click on the name of the shop you wish to reserve time in, then choose the start time for your reservation.