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With all the makerspace has to offer, why give people just one option? With a gift card people can use it for everything from membership to classes to project storage! Give them the options and they will take it in whichever direction they choose.

We recommend for new makers to start off with a class, like our intro to welding class or soldering class, and then join for a month to spend time practicing their new skills! If you are already skilled and want to get to work right away, then save your gift card for membership and project storage!

Gift cards are in $50 and $80 increments to ensure they are a useful amount.

To redeem a gift card, they must be brought in to the space during open hours and shown to the manager. Get in touch via email at admin@portcitymakerspace.com to set up an appointment. 

When ordering a gift card online, a printable gift card will be emailed to you! These take 24 hours at most to send out. Gift cards can also be purchased at the space and printed on nice card stock!