Project Storage


If you have materials or tools that you’d like to keep at the shop we have a number of different ways you can store things for your convenience. See our available options below!

For large project storage, contact the shop via email or phone to see if you can store it here. Please read our Storage Terms and Conditions on the member wiki.


Being a Member

As a member, you will have access to lots of tools and space to make what you want. Our wood shop, metal shop, electronics lab, our classroom space, our auto bay and bicycle bench are available to you.

See the list of Membership Options.

Code of Conduct
We have a simple Code of Conduct that we encourage all members to follow to keep the atmosphere of the space as friendly and cooperative as possible.

Lockers are about 11.5 inches and can be locked with a padlock. Great for hand tools, small materials, work clothes, and more.




$5 a month
Keep a small stash of tools, materials, and equipment in one of these 1ft lockers!


 A rolling workbench is 2 feet by 4 feet and about 3 feet tall. They hold a lot and can be wheeled around.




$40 a month
These 2′ by 4′ rolling benches are great for storing lots of stuff, useful as mobile work table, and can be modified!

Get a section of shelving to store stuff on. Generally 2′ wide and 4′ deep, and the upper shelves are up to 12′ wide.




$15 a month
Get a big shelf space above the rolling workbenches! Lots of space with dividers to allow for stacking.


$55 a month
For larger projects or lots of materials, this is a great option.



$75 a month
Use the widest shelf option we have for your undoubtedly large materials and tools.

Motorcycle spots accommodate an average size bike, about 8′ by 3′




$35 a month
Store your motorcycle when doing some serious upgrades or maintenance!



 Empty floor space no smaller than 4′ by 4′




$2 per square foot a month
A flexible sized storage space to accommodate your larger projects! Don’t worry about carting stuff in and out of the shop by keeping it here.


A 4×8 flat workbench for working on assemblies for a month or longer! Intended for temporary use.



$30 a month
A 4×8 workbench for building tables, cabinets, and more!