Course and event pricing

At Port City Makerspace we work with our instructors to make sure that everybody benefits from classes taught at the space.


Our typical pricing structure is to split course fees 50/50 between the Makerspace and the course instructor. This 50/50 split happens after the cost of materials.

(Couse fee) – (materials fee) x (number of students) % half = Instructor Compensation


Joe is teaching a carving class and the wood for each student is $20 for the class. The class costs $50 per student and so the per student profit is $30, that profit is split between the instructor and the space. Joe is making $15 per student. If Joe sets a minimum enrolment of 4 he will make at least $60 for teaching the class, more if more students show up.


Instrucotrs set their own course fees are free to set a minimum enrolment in order to ensure they make enough to justify their time.

For approved events and courses where the instructor is volunteering their time use of the space is free!

This is our standard system but we are happy to set up a custom arrangement depending on what will best make your class work.