Late Payment Policy

  1. If a member misses two (2) consecutive months of membership or storage payments,
    • Their access will be automatically deactivated at the end of the second month and they will be unable to utilize the facility
    • They will be required to vacate any storage area
    • The former member will need to schedule a time with the manager during open hours to remove any personal belongings.
  2. To regain access, members must make payment for all missed fees and be current.
    • Previously vacated storage space will be available for rental only if it has not been rented to another member
    • Members will also be able to regain access by signing a written repayment agreement.
    • Failure to comply with the terms of the repayment plan/agreement will result in the immediate suspension of membership and storage privileges.
    • In the event of a breach of a repayment plan, membership and storage privileges will only be reinstated after payment on past due debts are paid in full.
    • Repayment plans are only available as a one time courtesy.
    • Full repayment must be received no more than 90 days after notification of the delinquency.
    • If a member is suspended 2 times in a 12 month period due to late payments, they will not be allowed to reinstate their membership for a year regardless of full repayment.
  3. Members who traditionally make annual payments for their membership and/or storage fees will be moved to a monthly payment plan in the event they fail to pay their annual fee in the month of their renewal. The monthly fees will stay in place until a new annual plan is put in place with their payment.
  4. Members will receive notifications of missed payments via either text, email, and/or phone call
    • within one week of missed monthly payments
    • one week prior to their membership and/or storage agreement being suspended.
  5. It is the member’s responsibility to keep up on correspondence and to ensure the Makerspace has current contact information.
  6. Members who lose their storage will have 30 days to remove their items in their entirety, and will only be able to do so within regular Makerspace hours. Items left beyond 30 days are forfeited to the MakerSpace.
  7. The Makerspace reserves the right to amend or rescind the policy at any time.
  8. If a member wishes to appeal for hardship assistance, they can contact the Executive Committee at