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Groups of members and/or volunteers that are focused on a specific area or activity in the makerspace. Any group of 3 people with a common interest can request to form a committee and be given authority to do things around the space.

Committees typically meet once a month on a specific day of the month (first Friday, third Tuesday, etc).

Shop Committees

These are committees consisting of members that make use of the shops and want to contribute their time and energy towards improving it. These groups typically discuss topics like organizing, equipment upkeep and purchases, improvement projects, classes, and more.

Members are welcome to join any Shop Committee they are interested in to get involved.

Meetings are posted on the Meetings page alongside classes and events.

Below you can find the current Shop Manager, as well as a link to the google drive folder where meeting notes and agendas are kept.

Consider joining a Google Group or head over to Slack and join a channel to keep in touch with other members or volunteers interested in that shop.

Committee Shop Manager Google Drive Folder
Bike Shop Zach Charewicz link
Electronics Lab Rob Speed link
Machine Shop Charlie Patten link
Metal Shop Neil Rudnick link
Textiles Lab Lee Miller link
Wood Shop Jeff Halldorson link

Board Committees

These are committees responsible for a particular aspect of the organization and typically consist of at least one director as a chairperson. Members and volunteers can participate in these committees. For a list of directors, see the Board of Directors page.

Committee Chair Members Email Responsibilities
Development (Fundraising) Dan Kurani Allison Bussiere, Tricia Mansfield Oversees, manages, and/or performs all fundraising-related projects. Includes coordination of grant applications, donor solicitation, organization of fundraisers, etc. Organization of volunteer workforces is included in responsibilities. Coordination with outside parties for collaborative fundraising efforts is the responsibility of this committee.
Executive Tricia Mansfield Clint Crosbie, Todd Gallant, Jonathan Bock The executive officers of the board. Only meet for high-level issues and/or emergencies.
Facilities Alex Nunn Oversees, manages and/or performs all facilities-related projects including building maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and refits. Scope of projects includes but not limited to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior/exterior walls, foundations, floors, roof, fire supression, fire alarms. Organization of volunteer workforces are included in responsibilities. Responsible to coordinate with property owner to implement tasks outside of PCMS responsibility.
Finance Jonathan Bock Alex Nunn, Peter Boyd Oversees and manages the finances of the organization. Creates and reviews annual budget.
Marketing Ryan Levitt Jennifer Stevens, Mike Lianza Oversees and manages our marketing and communications to the pulic and our members.
Nominating and Governance Tricia Mansfield Clint Crosbie
Operations Alex Nunn, Gabriel Markley, Peter Boyd Staff and volunteer management and documentation of processes.
Programming Peter Boyd, Alex Nunn, Patricia Mansfield Oversees and manages our membership, class, and storage offerings, along with other programs we may offer.
Strategic Planning Oversees and works with the board to develop a strategic plan to guide the organization.

Board Task Forces

These are similar to committees, but these exist as temporary groups for a more specific purpose than most committees.

Task Force Chair Members Email
COVID Alex Nunn
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Location Planning Peter Boyd Dan Kurani