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Some groups of volunteers and members communicate with a Google Group. This is an email-based group chat, whereby you can send an email to one address and have it relayed to anyone who has joined the group.

Some of our Shop Committees use a google group to communicate. Which groups utilize this depends on the members and volunteers involved in that shop. Many also use Slack and have a dedicated channel.

Either way, the Shop Committees typically discuss topics like organizing, equipment upkeep and purchases, improvement projects, classes, and more.

Members are welcome to join any Shop Committee they are interested in to get involved. Follow the link to the google group to see discussions there, or head over to Slack and join a channel.

Committee Slack Channel Google Group Mainly Use
Auto Shop #autoshop group Google group
Bike Shop #bikeshop group Slack
Electronics Lab #electronicslab group Slack
Machine Shop #machineshop group
Metal Shop #metalshop group
Textiles Lab #textileslab group Google group
Wood Shop #woodshop group Google group