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  • Class Room, general purpose room for projects and gatherings
  • Electronics Lab, circuit making/repair, 3D printing, CAD Design
  • Wood Shop, for sawing, sanding, gluing, and jointing wood
  • Bike Shop, for tuning up your bike, with parts available to use
  • Auto Bay, use the car lift to do serious auto-repair
  • Metal Shop, weld and grind metal frames and pieces, or mill and turn precision parts
  • CNC Room, a small room with our CNC Routers and Machines
  • Maker Village, dedicated rented workspaces
  • Expansion Space, a large portion of our space used for project storage, eventually to be turned into more dedicated common spaces and rentable spaces

Possible Spaces to be made in the Expansion Space

If you are interested in any of the above, please tell us what you'd be willing to do to help by filling out this form

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