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Resources by Shop[edit]

Wood Shop

  • Scrap material bins
  • Consumables: glue, sandpaper, screws, nails
  • Safety gear: safety glasses, hearing protection
  • Hardwoods donated from a local cabinet shop through a member Oden
  • Wood Shop 2 has tables for doing glue-ups, lots of clamps, and overnight drying shelves for leaving projects to dry

Metal Shop

  • Scrap material bins organized by size and type (square stock, pipe, angle iron)
  • Consumables: welding wire, grinding discs, TIG filler rod, brazing rod, stick welding electrodes, soapstone and grease pencils
  • Safety gear: safety glasses, welding gloves, jackets, auto-dark helmets, hearing protection

Electronics Lab

  • Scrap electronics for repurposing and hacking
  • Consumables and components: resistors, capacitors, motors, batteries, wire, hot glue
  • Safety gear: safety goggles, fume hood, fans for soldering, cork mats
  • Microcontrollers like Arduino, PIC, littleBits, Cricket, and more
  • Sewing machines, including an Overlock machine
  • 3D modeling, CAM, and other software on the computers
  • A Printer and Scanner
  • A library of books on topics like wood-working, metal-working, electronics, bicycles, and more

Auto Shop

  • Oil, antifreeze, cleaners, wrenches, sockets, air tools

Bike Shop

  • Spare parts: tire, tubes, and common lubricants in the Bike Shop

Machine Shop

Classroom/Commons Room

  • Convenience items: mini-fridge, soda machine, microwave, and water dispenser

CNC Room

Equipment kept in the Storage Space:

People to Contact for Help With...[edit]

3D printing:

Laser Cutter

CNC Routers



Wood Working

Store Discounts[edit]

Various stores have agreed to give members of our space a discount if they mention they’re with the makerspace. The following is a list of places:

  • Ricci Lumber/Ace Hardware, Portsmouth, NH
  • Woodcraft, Newington, NH
  • Highland Hardwoods, Brentwood, NH